Art by Judy DiMuzio

Artist's Statement
I have an overwhelming desire to create art.  I have explored many mediums, and will probably continue to explore them, but I always come back to printmaking.  I love the process, the smell of the ink, and the mystery involved with printmaking.  No matter how much planning and design  I put into a print, it is always a surprise to see the finished product.  I try to energize my prints through the use of color.  I find inspiration from many sources 
including my fears to random words from the dictionary.
Judy DiMuzio (Dobelhoff) studied fine art at the Art Academy of Cincinnati where she merited a printmaking scholarship from the Fred and Sylvia Yeiser endowment.  In 1986, She received her BFA in printmaking from the Art Academy.  Judy is a former member of Tiger Lily Press. She has been married to her husband David for 26 years. They  have two children.  Any free time she can find is used to make art.  She explores many forms of artistic expression including painting, sculpture, pottery, and copper enameling.  Judy studied copper enameling for five years under Trisha Noe at the Baker Hunt Foundation in Kentucky.  She is experienced with all types of printmaking, but particularly enjoys making monotypes and woodcuts. Judy's work is figurative with a narrative quality.  Judy has exhibited her work in many galleries and street fairs.